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Sweetsorrow of Christmas

Sweetsorrow is an apt oxymoron for the Christmas season.Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the season – I decorate,prepare months in advance, I plan my gift list and so on but I never forget that for many people Christmas time … Continue reading

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Festival of Lights

 Does Good triumph over Evil? Does the Light truly conquer the darkness? Hell yes!! We only need to switch on a light in a dark room to realize that even a sliver of light can overcome and defeat the dark … Continue reading

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Stumbling Blocks

Why do people put stumbling blocks in our way- Is it because of Jealousy? Vindictiveness? Insecurity?  Whatever the reason, why don’t these people mind their own business?  Let’s be real there are a lot of people in the world who … Continue reading

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Mission to change my Vision

I found this great video that encompasses my new vision. The vision to make each day count, to live each day well, to greet the day with optimism instead of pessimism. Listen straight to the end of the video, paying … Continue reading

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