Fighting the Vipers

More and more we realize that the people in the world are losing their Moral and ethical ¬†conscience. They are becoming selfish to the core, wanting more regardless of how they get it or who they trample to get it. SAD! They tarnish someone’s reputation so that they can appear better or more efficient. What about those that back stab others and yet in front of their face they smile and feign innocence to any wrongdoing? Those are the Most dangerous ones that we are often called to fight against.

Our response is naturally to get angry and get revenge; to become aggressive and assert our rights and voices so that we don’t get crushed by their words. Sometimes they are sneaky and their malevolence is harder to fight against, what then? Let your continued hard work and diligence speak for themselves.

Another strategy to fight against malicious people and their manipulations is to pray, though many doubt the power of prayer, it is a clear answer to combat evil people. Prayer doesn’t stop them from trying to create trouble for you, rather prayer fortifies and strengthens you. It provides you with strength, peace of mind, calms your anxiety levels, gives you guidance and protection from evil machinations of others. Karma is a bitch and what goes around DOES come around for those that deserve it but while we wait for them to get their ‘just dessert’ we need to fight to keep going in a world that appears to reward wrongdoers.

Remember that bad people are all around us in our neighbourhood, workplaces, schools, on the roadways and so on; we cannot close ourselves away from life, it  is HOW we deal or respond to these challenges, these vipers, that dictate how we will live our lives. The choice is ours, do we dwell on the insecurities, flaws and negativity highlighted by these interlopers or do we rise above their bullshit, remain true to ourselves, our values, our ethics and keep going despite their attempts to tarnish us.

Let’s see ….. I choose option #2 – to never stop fighting, to keep my head up and remind myself that this too shall pass.


About francophilediva

I love everything french even though I have never been there. I am learning to love life and live life to the fullest.
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