New or Same??

Who are you making resolutions for?


Every year many of us greet the new year making promises of being a better man, quit smoking, getting a better job…… but by the second week of February, all these promises have turned to dust. So I ask… who do we make resolutions for? If we answer this question truthfully then we stand a better chance of actually completing a new year resolution.

Do we make these promises to impress others, to make other people like us (even when there wasn’t anything wrong with us to begin with) or is it to gain something that may not make us happy. That why we fail, people.

New Year resolutions should always be about… wait for it….. YOU! that’s right …YOU!!

New Year resolutions are meant to be for purely selfish reasons, they are promises to yourself that are meant to improve YOU,not for the benefit of others but rather fine tuning yourself into the person you can ultimately be happy with.

The phrase – “You can’t change a person” is so very true. A person can stop smoking, doing drugs,beating their wife,etc. when they make that resolution; when they decide that they need to change to be a better person for themselves not so much for others.

So stop the selfless mantra of “I need to be a better person for my wife” and say what you really need to do – “I need to be a better person for myself so my wife can be proud to call me husband”.That’s how you make a new year resolution….!!

So this new year, I resolve to travel and see more of the world; gain experiences that will shape my world view and enable me to put my life into a better perspective.

Happy New Year !!





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I love everything french even though I have never been there. I am learning to love life and live life to the fullest.
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