Unwrapping a Christmas Gift

I wonder what God would have wanted today on his birthday?


Some of us wanted material goods like toys,jewelry, a basketball, or a new outfit while others wanted good health,a prosthetic leg,the gift of mobility. Some wished for freedom from personal persecution, jail, freedom from being victimized and oppression. Others had lofty dreams of world peace,the end to world hunger and no more world poverty.

A friend of mine confessed to me today that she spent yesterday and this morning (Christmas day) crying her heart out because  though she has worked hard to achieve many material gains and possessions in her life,yet she felt so alone,unfulfilled and unhappy. Her son and her mother both died over two years ago but for her the grief is as raw as when their deaths just happened. Her wish was simply for peace of mind and heart.

Who can say which wish or gift is more worthwhile. A gift desired by a person gives an insight into the heart ,mind and emotional needs of the person. The reason for the season is God’s gift to humanity – his son, Jesus Christ. How many of us would willingly sacrifice our child; the fruit of our womb for ungrateful strangers? Zero!!! That’s a  true gift!! His gift has gone on to benefit millions.

A gift should bring more than a day or a week’s worth of joy, its effects should be felt on a more long-term basis,with ripples felt outside of our immediate circle. How many of us can make that claim or did we just buy gifts that reflect the short-term needs of our loved ones?

And though Christmas day is almost over,the season is not.Let us reflect then and ask ourselves how can we make the season more meaningful –

I wonder what God would have wanted today on his birthday?


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