Sweetsorrow of Christmas


Sweetsorrow is an apt oxymoron for the Christmas season.Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the season – I decorate,prepare months in advance, I plan my gift list and so on but I never forget that for many people Christmas time is bittersweet.

This year, there are many examples or events that should remind us of the loss and pain being experienced by others around this time of year that should be filled with cheer and vibrancy.

The terrorists attacks in Paris; the shooting in California; the migrants drowning off the coast of Greece; the Wars in Syria,Iraq; the deaths from the Ebola virus outbreaks in Africa; the world suffered this year, with crisis after crisis.


So many people lost parents,siblings, friends, relatives, neighbours and this will be their first Christmas without these loved ones.Let us, who have not met this kind of tragedy, reach out ( if only through our thoughts and prayers) to these people and sympathize with their bittersweet Christmas reflections.

Christmas, a period of remembrance and joy over the birth of Jesus our Saviour, is also a time of reflection and sacrifice which is symbolized by the myrrh, a gift brought by one of the wise men from the east. Life and death is a part of life even at Christmas and if we remember this, we learn to appreciate our lives and our loved ones even more.


So to those for whom Christmas is such sweetsorrow I offer some words from a poem written by Thomas Hardy (Selected Poems):

“That I can hope

Health,love, friends,scope in full for thee;

can dream thou wilt find joys seldom yet attained by humankind!”

Have a Blessed Christmas!!!


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