Are we ready for our Advent Season?


Advent comes from the latin word meaning ‘coming’ and in the christian community it is a time of preparation for the birth of Jesus and our salvation.

Christmas is not simply getting and giving gifts but remembering the reason for the season – CHRIST. There is no Christmas without CHRIST despite the attempts of commercial entities to say XMAS.


The symbolism of the manger where the baby was laid, the humble surroundings of a stable and the lack of riches of either Joseph and Mary are very important! So often we get blinded by the ‘Glitz and Glamour’of Christmas – new curtains, expensive jewelry,food in excess,new outfits, etc. that we miss the advent season and by extension the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

The three wise men followed a star (a light) to the place where Jesus lay; are you being a light this advent season? So many people in 2015 all over the world live in abject poverty with no hope of improving their lives or those of their offspring. What can you do to bring light into their lives? A neighbour next door that needs a hand cleaning around the house? A family that you know needs some toys for their kids this Christmas? Maybe you can be a secret santa and donate food, clothes and toys for needy families nearby.

Simple things can prepare us to welcome CHRIST during the Advent season, it doesn’t have to be exorbitant or flashy, just genuine. Advent is also not just for specific religions,rather all people can participate and become a beacon/light for someone else this season.

Let us not be carried away by crass consumerism and the ‘buy! buy!’ disease, rather let’s spread the ‘help others’ cheer this Advent and Christmas season. We can then understand that the manger and stable refers to the basics of living, the essentials- not the fluff and accessories that we do not need. The shepherd having no gift to bring but himself reminds us that PEOPLE are important not things.

Have a Blessed and Holy Advent and Christmas Season. 

Be a light to at least ONE person this season.advent



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