Change in life is the one constant variable we can all rely on. Can we manage these changes well? I am not ashamed to say that I don’t accept change well AT ALL. I hate change! I like routine, I like knowing what to expect and as I grow older this feeling has gotten even worse. The thing with change however, is that as much as I hate it,I have to come to the realization that I cannot stop change- it will come in my life regardless of my cold reception.

Change happens in Friendships. I have a friend that I once considered a sister to me, we were that close. Over a period of time, however, I realized that the friendship was one-sided (on my side only). I found myself doing all the work to upkeep the friendship and I got tired of that so the friendship underwent a gradual but drastic change. I started to call and visit less and though we have still maintained a friendship,it is not the all-consuming relationship we once had. Is that a bad thing? At the time I felt bereft but gradually I have come to accept that relationships in all forms change and mature. Newly married couples recall the passion and consuming need to be in each others presence constantly,but with time the ‘honeymoon phase’ passes and the couple settles down to a stable and calm period. Change is part of life and all relationships.

Change happens in Family Life. Marriages start well, filled with hope and promise then falter and sometimes result in divorce. Babies grow and evolve into their own individual personalities, leaving home to start their own families. Siblings once close and united against the world change into bitter rivals especially when there is an inheritance to divide (property/money). Death, loss, financial stress and tragedy are all aspects of change that are inevitable.

Change happens in the Workplace. I remember starting my job with so much vitality and eagerness to make a difference in the lives of everyone I met. I have not lost sight of my main objective which is to make a positive impact of every young person I meet and interact with but my vibrancy has been dimmed. Change occurred when faced with multiple obstacles of adults who were charged with great responsibility but “slacked on the job” and neglected their charges. My passion dimmed when faced with an administration that was more focused on money rather that the positive impact they could make by keeping up their standards, not bending it for a large cheque ior ‘donation’. My eagerness dimmed when faced a young generation burdened with issues they should not have to deal with at such a tender age; with fast-evolving technology that leaves them vulnerable to predators and making mistakes that they cannot erase/ delete from a website; and young people who walk around with a sense of entitlement mistakenly thinking  that  society owes them something and the world must conform to their standards at all times. So the change occurred and though NOT extinguished, my attitude and passion for my job has certainly dimmed. I hope to always keep sight of the objective I started with but Change is inevitable.

Change happens in the World around us. Technology is changing so fast that an Iphone bought today becomes obsolete by the endof the same year. Can we keep up? Should Change happen so quickly? A country once stable is now under seige in war;People once comfortable in their own country,on their own land are now risking life and limb to forge a new life on foreign soil as migrants; European nations once united (for the most part) on policy and currency are showing cracks in this united front and there is even talk of an impending referendum in England to decide whether to leave the EU entirely. The Prime Minister of Hungary is erecting a barrier to prevent migrants from entering his country because the ‘faces’ of Europe are changing to more darker ones. He like many others must accept that Change is dynamic- ever changing and that no place or person remains constant.

Change occurs in every aspect of our lives and with it comes a crucial decision that we must all make – accept and adjust to change OR resist and experience stress and unhappiness.  Which choice will you make?



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I love everything french even though I have never been there. I am learning to love life and live life to the fullest.
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