easter3 What does Easter mean to you?

In my country Easter is vividly seen in nature. The Poui tree comes in two main colours- yellow and pink, both symbolizing the potential for growth. The poui tree can be seen dotting the hillsides in its colourful splendour bringing with it the joys of family time,kite-flying, Easter parades and Easter bonnets. New life and a new year  is emphasized with the blooms of these trees.

easter2 On a religious perspective, Easter is a sombre, pivotal, climatic and joyous time in the Christian faith. Jesus Christ is crucified in a horrific manner made even more symbolic by the fact that he was innocent and that his sacrifice was for us!!! The sombre mood of Good Friday climaxes into the joy of His RESURRECTION. Resurrection simplified means rebirth, new beginnings – an opportunity to make amends and start afresh. Isn’t that what we all need at some point in our lives?? Easter is that period of time for Christians to believe that we can start our journey and refresh our faith in Christ once more.

easterFor others who lack that Christian perspective, Easter is a time for chocolates, egg hunts, spring chicks, small bunnies – all of which underscore the theme of rebirth. A chick hatching from an egg on its own journey to adulthood and the bunnies that symbolize the innocence of youth combine to give Easter that unique representation of happiness, growth, possibilities and the potential within us all for Greatness!!

The question is are we ready and willing to embrace that new step, new change and the uncertainty that often accompanies change. For most of us the answer is often “NO” . The “Easter” of our lives bring a change that we are afraid to accept,it does not only refer to a fixed period but rather ANY period where change is imminent. Recently, I got a promotion and I was both happy but fearful. It proved to be my own ‘Easter‘ – a time when great changes and responsibilities were thrust upon me.

easter4 I made the decision to Accept the challenges of change, progress and the conflicts that will emerge but also look forward to the joy of ‘resurrection’ where I will reap the benefits of my diligence.

Be not Afraid, rather, may this period of rejuvenation be your inspiration to face your doubts head on and encourage your rebirth. Happy Easter, everyone!!!


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