Sands of Time

I thought about why I have not been able to update my posts over the last three months of last year and all the reasons can be linked to TIME.

“The Doomsters heap/ Travails and teens around us here,

And Time-wraiths turn our songsingings to fear.”

Thomas Hardy.

Time has always been perceived as a negative for mankind; we never have enough and we always want more.

What does TIME mean to you? To some Time is about how many things they can accomplish in a day or a week and so on. Time is seen as an enemy of their Mighty plans.

hour2For others Time is about making money – “Time is money” and their focus is on making the next big deal.

For others Time is viewed with increased dread as we age. The thought of death is intertwined with Time.People spend their time thinking about bucket Lists and not about living.

But hopefully for the majority of us,Time is centered around how much of it we can spend with our loved ones.  Our Family is our TRUE wealth, our children are our legacy. Time is indeed limited for us and each minute counts, however, Family is the direction in which our eyes must be focused. Not on the next big deal or money maker;not on the next big promotion and material gain like mansions,boats, and especially not on dying and growing old.

familyEach family member has a pivotal role to play in our mental and emotional development; their value priceless and when we realize this, Time is no longer our enemy, rather our partner in making the most of our loved ones.

family2Happy New Year!!   Bonne Annee`!!!


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