Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Birthdays are days of celebrations NOT sadness or regret. The world tells us, especially women, that aging is a negative. That as a woman, the older we get, the less desirable we are. This is a MYTH,a LIE. This myth leads us to undervalue our self-worth and become depressed.


I recently celebrated my 40th birthday and I originally saw this birthday as a sad day/event. I fell for the LIE that I am older and thus I have less to contribute to society. I evaluated my life and realized that I haven’t accomplished even half of my goals.

It was in one of these bouts of depression that someone reminded me that I was firstly,lucky to be alive since so many people have died before they saw their 40th birthday. Secondly, I was reminded that I can choose to see the “glass as half full or half-empty”

bday3 I can choose to see my 40th year as a time to start afresh, to recommit myself to achieving my goals. The world is dynamic and I can choose to become an active participant in this world full of possibilities.

The slogan for my blog is “Making the CHOICE to LIVE life BETTER” Therefore for this my 40th year – I choose to try something NEW, to make a new FRIEND and to ACHIEVE at least ONE goal. I CHOOSE to see myself as a valuable person who is aging with GRACE.



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I love everything french even though I have never been there. I am learning to love life and live life to the fullest.
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