Festival of Lights

divali Does Good triumph over Evil? Does the Light truly conquer the darkness? Hell yes!! We only need to switch on a light in a dark room to realize that even a sliver of light can overcome and defeat the dark around us.

The Hindu community around the world is celebrating their festival of Lights- Divali or Diwali. This festival is based on the premise that good triumphs over evil and Light conquers the darkness. This is one aspect of Hinduism that is common to the Christian faith – the concept that goodness, purity and selflessness can overcome evil hearts and minds, hatred, jealousy and selfishness.

There is an old saying/proverb that is applicable here – “What is in the dark must come to Light”.  The dark secrets that we try to hide from each other, the darkness within our hearts and the dark thoughts that we allow to circle in our heads will eventually be revealed.

Can we overcome our dark thoughts? Of course we can. When we  allow our thoughts to focus on the good in our lives, not the negatives, we chase the darkness in our hearts. We can be the light to others – people who need a listening ear and comforting words. Our inner light can shine through when we hold our heads high and disregard the ‘haters’ around us; when we climb the walls built by others who begrudge us success.

divali2 So on this day of Divali, let’s SHINE.  Let us overcome our personal demons and darkness to light the way for ourselves and others, who depend upon us.


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