Creusing Dilemma

The Ship has a Leak!


The name of my blog is a pun on the word ‘cruise’ and my love of France (there is a place in France called Creuse). The ideology was that I would slow down, enjoy life a bit more and ‘creuse’ to a better, more holistic lifestyle.

Well, for the last three weeks I have found myself overwhelmed, overextended and just plain over all the stress that comes along with extra work. I am tired all the time,experiencing memory loss because of the huge number of things I have to remember and a feeling of being rushed all the time.I HATE that feeling.

How to fix this? Should I stop participating in events? Stop helping those in need? That is NOT what is needed- selfishness is NOT the answer!

overwhelmedThe drive home today was a very reflective hour for me (yes,it takes me an hour to drive to work,adding to my stress some days). I came to the conclusion that helping others makes me a better person but at the same time,there is nothing wrong with the words “No I can’t.”

The main reason we become overwhelmed is simply because we feel that refusing someone is a bad thing or makes us look like a selfish person. By saying “No” we safeguard our sanity, spend our time wisely and ‘creuse’ along to better living.

So today, I want to stop my cruise ship from sinking, from losing sight of my ultimate goal of living a better life.  Life is short and a different way of life is just over the next horizon. So today I resolve to help out where I can and participate in activities but also to respect my limits and know when to say “enough, no more, Sorry,I can’t”




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I love everything french even though I have never been there. I am learning to love life and live life to the fullest.
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