Aging with Grace

Getting older is part of the natural cycle of life, it is inevitable. What you can control, is HOW you age.Do you want to age with grace,self-confidence and joie de vive or do want to greet old age with fear, always running to the plastic surgeon to stave off what should be your badge of honour – your true self.

My mother recently celebrated her 63rd birthday and if you didn’t know the exact age, you wouldn’t be able to guess. She exemplifies the phrase “age is only a number”. She is aware that she has more wrinkles, weight and grey hairs than she used to have but the twinkle in her eyes, her dry humour, distinct laugh and strong self-confidence is by no means diminished. I strive to be as accepting of my aging as she is and thereby seem ageless.

Plastic surgery is big business because people are no longer comfortable in their own skin – they want to be slimmer,taller,  have bigger lips, smaller noses and the list goes on. What makes us unique and special are our imperfections and flaws!! Comparing yourself to some celebrity, who may have done plastic surgery themselves,is pointless. Comparison leads to greater insecurities, depression and fear of aging.

Later this year, I will be 40 and at the beginning of the year, the thought filled me with dread and depression. I could soon no longer say I was in my 30’s and that was troubling. Fortuitously, I saw the news report of the elderly lady that died  doing too many plastic surgery operations and I pinched myself. I stood in front the mirror, analyzed myself and realized that I am beautiful and that turning 40 is not the end of the world but a new chapter.

A fine wine is one that has been left to age for a considerable period of time – when opened we sing its praises about its depth and richness. Then why don’t we sing our own praises when we age? Society and the media play a huge role in making women especially, feel ugly and useless with age.It is a stigma we must fight against.

Aging gracefully is simply about accepting and embracing our limitations. We must realize that life  is precious and that many people died without seeing old age and they would have gladly changed places with us. Aging brings a life filled with lessons and experiences – some good and bad.

Don’t fight the aging process rather embrace it to the fullest!!




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