To the Judas in our lives

We all have our own Judas in our lives.The person who smiles, hugs you and pretends to be your friend and turns around  and stabs you in your back!Yes, we all have  met a Judas. What happens when our ‘Judas’ is a close relative,a boss or a co-worker? Someone we can’t run from or ignore?

That’s tough! Turning the other cheek and forgiving the person is hard to do and I often remark that saints are dead people – I am alive. What I am gradually learning to do is mentally and out  emotionally protect myself from their viciousness. Know thy enemy so you can prevent the backstabbing and the ensuing hurtful feelings.

Of course you smile and hug them back but all the while reminding yourself that they are ready to betray you. Does that sound callous – hell yeah! This blog is centred around ‘Making the choice to live life better’ and that begins with the choice to PROTECT your sanity and emotional wellbeing from the many Judases


About francophilediva

I love everything french even though I have never been there. I am learning to love life and live life to the fullest.
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