Destiny or Coincidence?

Do you believe in Fate or Destiny? Or are you one of those who believe in happy coincidences?

I am slowly becoming a believer of Destiny. I have to believe that there is a pupose for my life; there is a reason we meet certain people in our lives- whether they are a positive or negative influence. There must be a reason why we suffer some tragedy, loss or hurt ( some more than others). If not then why are we even here? Coincidence cannot explain you missing a bus on your way to work, only to hear on the late night news that the bus was in an accident that killed 5 people on it.

I adamantly believe that Life is a Journey, each one of us taking a different path, hopefully to end at the same heavenly place.

Moving from this premise, there are four basic ideals that we should always bear in mind:

 Firstly, the people we meet- inclusive of the jerks, local gossips, bitchy co-workers, etc are all part of our journey. We learn from these interactions and they shape us as individuals and prepare us to deal with tough circumstances and divisive people.

Secondly, nothing happens by accident. Events, deaths, quarrels, unplanned pregnancies, divorces and so on, happen on purpose for a specific reason. It may be to strengthen us, bolster our self-esteem,show us how to make better decisions. Whatever the reason, it was destined and we must believe that and move on from that point.

Thirdly, remember that things happen in their own time and space. I have realized that timing is very important – ask any stock broker! Life is also about things happening in their own time, with us accepting that things cannot be rushed or manipulated without consequences.

And lastly, the idea of letting go, not wallowing in self-doubt or regret. Regret keeps us in bondage and weakens our self-confidence and our resolve to move forward. We all make mistakes – the lesson is not to keep repeating the same ones!

In the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy to forget these basic ideals but I was reminded of them only yesterday. I was dropping my brother at the airport when I met this aged man on his way to North Carolina. We chatted for about 15 minutes and as I was about to leave, he said to me that nothing happens by accident and I had brightened his otherwise bleak day.

I left him feeling inspired. So I share these ideals with you and the video below in the hopes that I can bring some sunshine to your bleak day as well.

“Be good to yourself. Love with your whole being. Always, Always be Happy”



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I love everything french even though I have never been there. I am learning to love life and live life to the fullest.
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