Mission to change my Vision

I found this great video that encompasses my new vision. The vision to make each day count, to live each day well, to greet the day with optimism instead of pessimism.

Listen straight to the end of the video, paying close attention to the Lyrics of the song. The artist is Taurus Riley.

So now that you have heard the video, did you Listen to the message?

Many times the people around us, the events that happen and of course our own inclinations and flaws make life difficult, to say the least. Some of these factors we can control but others are beyond our reach. Today I was on the verge of tears because nothing I did was good enough and I had a loved one in my ear telling me that I ‘always’ make ‘stupid’ decisions.

How to respond? – Wallow in self-pity, blame others, become bitter and vindictive? Or do I accept that I am special, unique and smart. And I accept that I cannot always change people’s opinions/expectations of me.

I choose the latter. I choose to feel good about myself, to feel that I deserve respect and my opinions do matter. Criticism from others is a part of life,unfortunately; the trick is to not let these criticisms and negativity DEFINE you.

Life is precious, a gift from the Almighty and it is indeed a waste when you spend that time crying,depressed, angry and feeling constantly overwhelmed. This is YOUR day,YOUR life and YOUR time. So LIVE IT.

Look out world, here I come ….





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I love everything french even though I have never been there. I am learning to love life and live life to the fullest.
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