Rainy Days

     Rain, like all things has two parts – the good  and the not-so good; the ying and yang of life. When we accept that into our lives, some ‘rain’ must fall then we can truly live our lives without fear and bitterness.

Yesterday was a very rainy day here, the weather was cold, damp, wet and ripe for introspection. It cannot be denied that rain is a blessing, a gift from above, as many African nations like Ethiopia, etc would emphasize.

Benefits of rain include:

  • adding water to the water table, reservoirs, lakes, etc
  • sustaining plant and animal life
  • providing over half the world’s drinking water supply
  • putting natural minerals back into soil

However, the rain has its negatives:

  • sudden downpours can result in flooding
  • destruction of homes and crops
  • puts economic strain on countries to find food and shelter for displaced citizens

So rain is a double-edged sword and in the world of literature that thrives on the double entendre (double meanings) the rain is a popular motif. Many writers and poets have used the rain to emphasize their depression, loss, tragedy while others employ it to highlight joy, creativity,regrowth, spring and hope.

So how do you see rainy days? 

As a bleak, cold day? As an obstacle  that refuses to  move; its objective being to destroy your happiness? Rainy days can be compared to the hard days in our lives; the days when nothing seems to be going right. The days when you say and do the wrong thing and you cannot seem to catch a break – The ying of our lives.

OR  we can see those rainy days as bleak days that are temporary; hard days that toughen us, that force us to rise to the challenge of living. These bleak, rainy days force us to become more confident and self reliant. And even though, we are blind to the benefits of these rainy days as we live through them, as the clouds clear up, we can finally see the benefits of rain – the yang of life.

I have had my share of rainy, depression-filled and bleak days, when I thought it would never get better but after they pass by I then see the lessons that I was taught during these rainy days.

Below, I share with you a favourite poem that I often read to myself on  “rainy days”.   Enjoy!


                      The Rainy Day

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