Fighting the Vipers

More and more we realize that the people in the world are losing their Moral and ethical  conscience. They are becoming selfish to the core, wanting more regardless of how they get it or who they trample to get it. SAD! They tarnish someone’s reputation so that they can appear better or more efficient. What about those that back stab others and yet in front of their face they smile and feign innocence to any wrongdoing? Those are the Most dangerous ones that we are often called to fight against.

Our response is naturally to get angry and get revenge; to become aggressive and assert our rights and voices so that we don’t get crushed by their words. Sometimes they are sneaky and their malevolence is harder to fight against, what then? Let your continued hard work and diligence speak for themselves.

Another strategy to fight against malicious people and their manipulations is to pray, though many doubt the power of prayer, it is a clear answer to combat evil people. Prayer doesn’t stop them from trying to create trouble for you, rather prayer fortifies and strengthens you. It provides you with strength, peace of mind, calms your anxiety levels, gives you guidance and protection from evil machinations of others. Karma is a bitch and what goes around DOES come around for those that deserve it but while we wait for them to get their ‘just dessert’ we need to fight to keep going in a world that appears to reward wrongdoers.

Remember that bad people are all around us in our neighbourhood, workplaces, schools, on the roadways and so on; we cannot close ourselves away from life, it  is HOW we deal or respond to these challenges, these vipers, that dictate how we will live our lives. The choice is ours, do we dwell on the insecurities, flaws and negativity highlighted by these interlopers or do we rise above their bullshit, remain true to ourselves, our values, our ethics and keep going despite their attempts to tarnish us.

Let’s see ….. I choose option #2 – to never stop fighting, to keep my head up and remind myself that this too shall pass.

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Give Thanks!

Sometimes it is sooo easy to look at what we don’t have, we didn’t get, what we lost, what we should have gotten or what we didn’t get enough of; that we forget what we Do have. Life is about counting the blessings each and every day; the blessings can be as simple as ‘travel mercy’- getting to and from work safely or surviving our battle with cancer.

We get lost on what we don’t have simply because we are always searching, wanting more,never satisfied. We come to believe that God has abandoned us/forgotten us to focus on others, when the reality is, that he hasbeen journeying with us,often unacknowledged. Blessing us in unobtrusive ways that we miss and bypass.

A blessing is not always the big stuff – how many of us have won the lottery?! A blessing is being in the right place at the right time; seeing a friend that you haven’t seen in a long while; celebrating a birthday with a loved one; spending time with a grandchild/ niece.These are the moments whereby we must count our blessings, the small and the large.

Let’s be grateful and remember to give thanks in the good times and in the bad times.

Give thanks!!

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The word forgiveness is the hardest, most difficult thing to do. Can you truly forgive someone who betrayed you? Have you ever had someone stab you in the back,the front and between the eyes? A person that you felt was a real confidante; you trusted them with your hopes, dreams,innermost secrets and then they turned around and betrayed you?  Hell no….. I can’t!

I began this year with great cheer and optimism and two days ago,a close “friend” of mine laid a bombshell on me that still has me reeling in anger, sadness and regret. Anger that I didn’t realize that I was being duped; that my naivete where she was concerned, blinded me to the signs that “friend she was not”. I felt great sadness because I was hit with the realization that she did not value me or my friendship as I had valued her and her friendship; sadness that has left a gaping hole in part of my heart. Regret has since filled me…. I know now that there is one less person to call friend and one more added to the list of “mere acquaintance”. I regret that I can no longer call and bare my heart and feelings to her because she does not characterize what I need in a true friend.

When I shared my betrayal with a sibling, the advice was to air my grievances with my betrayer, forgive her and move on.

But is it so simple? Is forgiveness as easy as it sounds?

The phrase “Time heals all wounds” is applicable here because right now, I need Time!  There is no room in my heart for forgiveness for that person. In time I hope that we can speak without me seeing red but forgiveness does not mean forgetting.  The relationship with someone who has betrayed you, can never regain the same level of intimacy as there was before; there will always be a certain measure of distrust and caution in your dealings.


I have come to realize though, painful as it is, that I am free!  My eyes are open, I can clearly see that she was not a friend; I am no longer blind. I will hurt but come out of it a stringer, definitely wiser person for the experience.Thanks, “friend”, I am grateful!!


Forgiveness is the hardest,most difficult word to give meaning to.

Can you do that?….. Can you forgive??

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New or Same??

Who are you making resolutions for?


Every year many of us greet the new year making promises of being a better man, quit smoking, getting a better job…… but by the second week of February, all these promises have turned to dust. So I ask… who do we make resolutions for? If we answer this question truthfully then we stand a better chance of actually completing a new year resolution.

Do we make these promises to impress others, to make other people like us (even when there wasn’t anything wrong with us to begin with) or is it to gain something that may not make us happy. That why we fail, people.

New Year resolutions should always be about… wait for it….. YOU! that’s right …YOU!!

New Year resolutions are meant to be for purely selfish reasons, they are promises to yourself that are meant to improve YOU,not for the benefit of others but rather fine tuning yourself into the person you can ultimately be happy with.

The phrase – “You can’t change a person” is so very true. A person can stop smoking, doing drugs,beating their wife,etc. when they make that resolution; when they decide that they need to change to be a better person for themselves not so much for others.

So stop the selfless mantra of “I need to be a better person for my wife” and say what you really need to do – “I need to be a better person for myself so my wife can be proud to call me husband”.That’s how you make a new year resolution….!!

So this new year, I resolve to travel and see more of the world; gain experiences that will shape my world view and enable me to put my life into a better perspective.

Happy New Year !!




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Unwrapping a Christmas Gift

I wonder what God would have wanted today on his birthday?


Some of us wanted material goods like toys,jewelry, a basketball, or a new outfit while others wanted good health,a prosthetic leg,the gift of mobility. Some wished for freedom from personal persecution, jail, freedom from being victimized and oppression. Others had lofty dreams of world peace,the end to world hunger and no more world poverty.

A friend of mine confessed to me today that she spent yesterday and this morning (Christmas day) crying her heart out because  though she has worked hard to achieve many material gains and possessions in her life,yet she felt so alone,unfulfilled and unhappy. Her son and her mother both died over two years ago but for her the grief is as raw as when their deaths just happened. Her wish was simply for peace of mind and heart.

Who can say which wish or gift is more worthwhile. A gift desired by a person gives an insight into the heart ,mind and emotional needs of the person. The reason for the season is God’s gift to humanity – his son, Jesus Christ. How many of us would willingly sacrifice our child; the fruit of our womb for ungrateful strangers? Zero!!! That’s a  true gift!! His gift has gone on to benefit millions.

A gift should bring more than a day or a week’s worth of joy, its effects should be felt on a more long-term basis,with ripples felt outside of our immediate circle. How many of us can make that claim or did we just buy gifts that reflect the short-term needs of our loved ones?

And though Christmas day is almost over,the season is not.Let us reflect then and ask ourselves how can we make the season more meaningful –

I wonder what God would have wanted today on his birthday?

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